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Black and White Art. Charcoal, pencil, sepia.  I love the simplicity and complexity of working with tones, contrasts and blending to establish values..

Fine Art


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One of the world's most ancient art forms.  Whether inspirational or motivational, calligraphy reminds us of the best and most desirable.

Life in Full Color. Soft Pastels, Watercolors, Colored Pencils.  Sometimes we take for granted the majesty and variances of hues, and how they play against each other.

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Fine Art & Photography

My camera(s) has traveled extensively and allowed me to capture and now share some of the most beautiful of sights and experiences.

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I've been blessed with enjoying so many different media.  It allows me to render something special for just about everyone.


Of all the different art I render, portraits are the most exacting, yet, the most fun to produce.  Portraits on your walls speak volumes about you.

fine art

Pen and Ink. Have you ever looked at an old rusty car in a field and wondered what memories were made with it? Let these objects tell you their stories.

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